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How To Choose A New Front Door

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The perfect front door will create a stunning entrance to your home and set the tone for what’s inside. Choosing the right Solidor doors is important but what other doors are available to you?

uPVC front door

When uPVC front doors were first introduced, they were a welcome alternative to the traditional timber front door – lower in cost and with greater thermal performance. However, not everybody appreciates the aesthetics of uPVC and the variety of styles and colours can be limited.

Usually 28mm thick, many people feel they are easy to break into, and, although there have been innovations in the uPVC sector, the popularity of thearchitecture-1834813_640 uPVC front door is diminishing.


Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) composite

Composite front doors were introduced to the market around 10 years ago, aimed at homeowners wanting to retain the appearance of a timber door whilst benefitting from modern materials, which require less maintenance and work harder to keep out the draughts. Now they’re a fast-growing option, with sales of composite doors almost doubling year on year.

Usually 44mm thick, GRP doors are the most thermally efficient, but they’re not the most secure. And because colour is normally applied on a white fibreglass skin, GPR doors are prone to scratches. In particular, beware of asking door manufacturers to match any RAL colour, as colour applied in this way is especially at risk of scratching.

Timber core composite

Nearly three quarters of all new-build homes this year will have composite doors and they are now more than twice as popular as timber doors amongst home improvers. More environmentally friendly than GRP composite doors, are timber core composite doors; the timber for which is sourced from sustainable forests and can be recycled at the end of the door’s lifetime.

Solid timber core doors with high-performance security features are the most secure front door available, and with a robust thermo-plastic door skin, they’re also the most durable. If you look for a brand with colour applied as a vacuum-formed thermo-plastic ‘skin’, you’ll minimise scratches and eliminate the need for re-painting or touching up.

There are some fantastic traditional and contemporary front door designs out there in some beautiful colours. So whether you’re looking for a standard size, or a door which is bespoke in both size and design, there are timber core composite door manufacturers who can help.

There’s also the option to bring your vision to life using a ‘design a door’ function online or via a phone app – many of these even have the facility to upload a picture of your home to see the impact a new door would make.


Solid hardwood front door

A bespoke, solid hardwood front door will add a touch of luxury to any home. Ideal for period properties, a solid hardwood front door will be made-to-measure and can be designed to a large extent by the homeowner. The end result is likely to be a high-quality front door that will last for many years – but you’ll need to be willing to look after it in order to protect your investment.

Any paint or varnish will inevitably need to be re-applied as the colour fades or peels away.

And without care and attention, a solid hardwood door may crack, absorb water and eventually rot.


Beating the Burglars During The Winter

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If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a burglary you can understand the feeling of loss that is reported as a result of having your private space violated and things you have worked hard for taken away. We may like to think we are unlucky to be burgled, that it was a matter of our house being in the wrong place at the opportune time. The fact is that most burglars are opportunistic and too many homes give off a blatant ‘burgle me’ message to passing thieves. It’s not always that you’ve left windows open or doors unlocked and ready to be opened.

The average burglar always looks for signs of entry and if your gate is shut you’re more likely to be conscious of security than if you leave it open. If house-insurance-419058_640you have pets, you’re also seen as a good target as you’re less likely to turn on your alarms and that’s where Home Safes come in handy. Having all your valuables taken care of in a decent safe can make a difference if someone breaks into your home will make the difference between losing your grandmothers valuable jewels and having your precious items kept safe. Not many people know this, but the winter season is the peak time of the year for break ins. The longer nights provide more cover for thieves who try their luck and with everyone tightening their belts, so many unfortunately desperate people try their luck robbing houses in the lead up to Christmas. With the laws the way they are in the UK, you cannot approach a burglar or defend your home in a violent way without feeling the strong arm of the law – who unbelievably, won’t be on your side.

The thing is, this type of confrontation should only ever be a last resort anyway and it is so much better to ensure that you are continually vigilant when it comes to the security of your home. If you have been burgled and your alarms have failed you, look for your spare keys. Burglars often steal spare keys so they can come back at a later time to really clear you out. If the keys are not in the usual place, change all the locks and do it fast. Contact the police to let them know what the situation is and they will be able to give you a crime number you can use for insurance claims. They can also really help with the trauma of the situation because they can put you in contact with Victim Support. Once the police have done their rounds and taken your statement, repair any broken doors and windows and ask your insurance company if they can offer a twenty four hour service. Use your phone camera to do a short film or take exact photographs of each room. While this is a little fruitless after the incident it’ll help for the future if it ever happens again.

Don’t skimp on the type of security safe you buy. Burglars can spot a dummy and bypass a dummy lock system from a mile off. For maximum security, alarms fitted with cameras will allow you to view your home from your computer wherever you are. Be vigilant, stay safe and lock your doors this winter.

The Smart And Savvy Guide To Selling Your Car Yourself.

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Selling your car can be a tough business because you have to match the value of your car to your expectations for selling. It is natural to want to get the best price for your car but putting the price too high can put off potential buyers. Be realistic with any price you hope to be offered. You want to remember that if you choose to sell instantly you may not get the exact price that you want. You would likely get the price you want and the full worth or more of your car by selling it yourself but who wants the hassle of advertising and risking prospective buyers not showing up?

Most potential buyers always expect to be able to haggle and not pay sticker price on a second hand car. There are a lot of free valuation services nissan-885309_640online and company websites such as can give you a value of your car for same day collection.

Calling round local dealers to get a quote on your car is another way to value it and knowing what they would pay can really give you some insight on what you should be willing to accept from buyers or companies. Do as much research as you possibly can before setting a fixed price for your car. Of course if you’re going to use a site like for selling your van you’ll likely be offered a price that’s not the exact same level as local dealers – local dealers tend to haggle with you whereas you can get cash the same day. Even when the deal is done, you will still have some paperwork at a loose end. You’ll need to inform the DVLA straight away that you are no longer the registered owner of the car. That way you won’t be chased for road tax or MOT information and you’ll need to remember to send off the V5c slip. Easy peasy. Lastly if there is any outstanding warranty on the car remember to let the car company know. Also you’ll need to ensure that you update your insurers. Last thing you want is to continue paying insurance on a car that you no longer own.

You have to be very careful when it comes to selling your car online. There are plenty of reputable sites for your vehicle like but then there are others that are not so reputable. Placing a private advert for your car can mean you need to tread carefully as while the internet can be a godsend in some ways, in others it can be dangerous and a magnet for scammers. There are a good few websites that have ways of protecting against scammers, nuisance callers and canvassers. Phishing scams are rife among the internet and fraudsters who know you are selling a car can send emails in attempts to hack your information and passwords.



Accessing Your Loft Conversion

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If you want to convert your loft for habitable use you will need to install a staircase. Using a company like is a good first step if this is the first time you’ve ever converted a loft space. Careful design of this can be critical to the success of your loft conversion. If there is enough headroom it is often best to continue the stairs in the existing stairwell. This saves space and gives a feeling of continuity within the home. Alternatively part of a room will have to be partitioned off to accommodate the new staircase. Wherever the stairs are installed it should be designed in accordance with the following guidance:


Fire Precautions — Fire precautions are a major concern for the Building Regulations. The most dangerous fires generally occur at night when everyone is asleep. When converting your loft you will need to ensure you have mains powered, interlinked smoke detectors in the hall and/or landing areas of every floor.

Escape windows — These are windows large enough to allow people to escape or be rescued through them. They need to have a clear opening area of at least 0.33m2 and a clear width of at least 450mm. The bottom of the opening light should be no more than 1100mm above floor level and they should allow people to escape to a place free from danger. Escape windows need to be fitted with escape hinges that allow the window to fully open. Some of the standard hinges fitted to UPVC windows do not achieve this. It is wise to check this with your glazing supplier.

Two Storey Houses — The Building Regulations requirements for fire precautions in two storey housing are quite simple. It is generally felt that if you couldn’t get out down the stairs you could jump or be rescued from a first floor window. If you are converting the loft of a bungalow you will need to ensure that you have mains powered interlinked smoke detection at ground and first floor level and that all habitable rooms at first floor level have an escape window.

Three Storey Houses — When you convert the loft of a house and create a third floor the Building Regulations require you to look at the fire precautions a lot more seriously. Mains operated smoke detection need to be fitted. Due to the height of your new floor, you can no longer rely on escaping through the windows so the only safe way out is down the stairs. It is therefore vital that the stairs are protected from fire. To protect the stairs all of the doors that open onto the stairs need to be half hour fire doors and the stairs should discharge into a hall with a door direct to the outside. Alternatively, the stairs should deliver into a space with access to two external doors, separated from each other by fire resisting construction and fire doors. Generally, unless a sprinkler system or alternative escape stairway is provided, stairs cannot discharge into other rooms in three storey properties.

Four Storey Houses — If your house already has three storeys, loft conversions become more complicated. Careful design and planning is required to ensure that fire risks are minimised. You are likely to need to install a sprinkler system or a second escape stairway. This type of project will need specialist design.

Why should you hire a professional plumber?

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When you have got a problem with your pipes, you should know that it is better to hire a plumber to fix your pipes rather than doing it yourself. Hiring a professional plumbing service is so much easier because you do not have to do the work yourself. And you also have a better guarantee of a problem being fixed when you hire a professional plumbing service. If you are looking for a plumber to hire, then why not try to find Plumber & Boiler engineers Ilminster, Somerset. If you use their services, then you will have a better plumbing system overall.

What are the exact reasons why you should hire a professional service to fix any problem with your plumbing system? These reasons are compelling enough that you should consider hiring plumbers if you want any problem you have with your plumbing fixed right away.

The first reason why you should hire plumbers is the convenience. It is much easier to let trained professionals do the job for you. You will not have to use up your own time and energy to fix the problem. You can just pay someone to fix the problem for you. So it is much less of a hassle on your part to try to fix a plumbing problem when you get a professional service to do it for you. If you want the easiest time when it comes to fixing any plumbing problem, you should hire plumbers to do the job for you.

Plumber at work

Another reason why you should hire plumbers is that it will take much less time to fix any problem. If you tried to fix a plumbing problem yourself yo could spend hours or even days, without actually solving it. Professional plumbers will have the expertise needed to fix any problem that commonly happens to plumb systems. So if you want to reduce the amount of time that is spent on fixing a plumbing issue, hiring a professional plumbing service is a good idea.

There is also a better guarantee when you hire plumbers. You will have better assurance of a job well done when you hire a professional plumbing service. When you do the job by yourself or hire an unlicensed professional to do it, there is no guarantee that the problem is correctly fixed, in fact, it might get even worse. To prevent that from happening you should look into hiring a professional plumbing service, that is properly service. Only this way will you be able to get the assurance of a good job that is being done.

As you can see, there is a load of compelling reasons why you should hire a professional plumbing service. When you hire these kinds of people, you should know that you are making a good decision. So if the bathroom in your home, or if anything is wrong with your home’s plumbing, you should call a professional plumbing service to fix the problem for you.

How To Repair Your AC Unit

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Owning an air conditioning unit in the home or at work can be a luxury that many cannot afford. Like anything, air conditioning requires upkeep and maintenance and this can be quite expensive when you have to call in a professional. A lot of the time the issue is something you can easily fix without having to splash the cash trying to have someone else do it for you. Often, the unit isn’t working for the simplest of reasons but as many people believe all repairs are tricky, they won’t even look at the issue. Of course there are times when a repair that is costly is unavoidable but you can actually diagnose the problem first before calling in the professionals like

AC Unit RepairIt can be frustrating to have to pay out to have a technician come out just to flip a breaker back on all because you didn’t know what to look for so we’ve listed some quick checks you can perform yourself before calling for help.

  • Check your breaker. As with any tripped electrics, checking the fuse box for a tripped switch should be your first port of call. If you have several appliances, entertainment boxes and lights on all at once, the breaker can often overload, trip and the air conditioning unit will cease to operate. This is very quick check you can do yourself you just have to know where the fuse box is to do so. Imagine the embarrassment calling someone else to flip a switch!
  • Examine the thermostat. This is another part of the system that can cost money to repair. If the unit is battery operated it may just need new batteries. Imagine paying a call out fee for a repairs company for a set of batteries?! Make sure you have the thermostat set for the correct temperature and ensure the unit isn’t turned off or set just to blow. Settings can get changed so check them often.
  • Change the filter. If you regularly change the filter in your air conditioning unit you can avoid a lot of call outs. If your filter is dirty or clogged up it can cause many issues like lack of air flow and lack of cooling efficiency with the system. If these are changed there is less chance of needing a company to come and look at it.
  • Melt any ice. Your air conditioning unit can ice over if it is not working properly. If it’s iced over, it will not cool properly. Melt any ice which is a very simple procedure all you have to do is turn the system to off and run just the fan to help it melt fast.
  • Clean it! If you have neglected to give it a good scrub, shimmy on up the ladder and give it a proper clean. On the outside unit you can carefully clean fan blades and remove any debris. Be careful when cleaning blades and fins as they are easy to bend and break. Obviously, switch it off before you clean it!
  • Examine the ducts. If you can, climb up to the attic and check the air ducts to make sure there are no blockages. Ignore the spiders that may be up there, the ducts should be cleaned and this is important.

Time To Spring Clean!

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It’s that time of year where the buckets and mops and bleach bottles come out. Nearly everyone has a time of year that they deep clean the house. For some it’s weekly and others it’s monthly but generally a couple of times a year gets the kind of cleaning that involves replacing bathroom grout and scrubbing base boards with toothbrushes. While it’s a job that no one enjoys, it’s a job that needs doing and it can be tedious. There are those who call out companies like and that’s absolutely fine but then there are others who want to get their hands dirty and get the house shiny without the price tag. You can absolute spring clean your home yourself but there are a lot of cleaning hacks available online now that you can use to make life easier. Sitting down with a bit of dust and a cup of tea tends to be more appealing but if the time comes and you need to clean, here are some tips for getting those jobs done quicker.Floor Cleaning

Don’t forget your doormat. I’m not talking about the other half, but your actual front door mat. Shake it out, bang it with a broom stick over the garden fence and hoover it if you have the equipment to do so but making your doormat look welcoming and cleaning out the bugs on the way will go so far when it comes to making your house homely.

Doormats are a heavy traffic area and track dirt into the house first and foremost. We wipe our feet there, they get wet in the rain and they can be covered in mud. Steam the carpets and wash the kitchen linoleum and make sure you get a good hoover across both. Dirt grinds down the carpet fibres and can make the carpet feel hard and unappealing over time. By hoovering properly the dirt grit comes right up and the carpet will last longer. If you have unsealed stone floors getting them sealed and cleaned is a great plan. have excellent tips on how to clean stone floors. Although it’s true that walls don’t often look like they need a good scrub as most believe that dust and dirt falls down itself; gravity etc. But using a sponge and a handwashing dish soap you can wipe down walls without ruining the paint.

Clean the ceiling. Dusting lighting and bulbs means that you’re lessening the dust in the fixtures. Doing that especially if you have a fan on the ceiling can really stop dirt and dust landing on the floor of the rooms. In the kitchen especially, check for staining on the ceiling from cooking and give that a wash down once a week if you can. Keeping the ceiling clean is very important. Check the back of appliances. The fridge and the washing machine are the two appliances that harbour the most dirt behind them so giving them and behind them a great clean will help the appliances live longer. Fridges have condenser coils and grilles behind them that always need a good wash to keep them living longer as built up dirt can cause them to overheat.

What Are The Advantages of Aerial Installation?

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Whenever you would like to make the picture and sounds clearer in your television, you do remember before that tapping or changing the direction of your antenna will do well. This is the way people would do before where there is still black and white television in every home.  As you would recall there were indoor antennas and aerial types as well. This was already long ago because today there are already a lot of competition with regards to this kind of product and service.

Indeed there are already a lot of choices to choose from nowadays.  The best thing that you need to know is that there are already companies who offer aerial installation and repair. It is always best to have aerial installation for a better and clearer view as you would want to compare to an indoor antenna.As there are really big differences among interior and aerial. To give you ideas as to why aerial installation are more popular than any other antennas. Here are the advantages of aerial installation.

Satellite dish

  1. There is a wide scope of an area that it can give a clear picture and sound for most residents.
  2. There are no hassles to bring an antenna up on the roof because it is meant for all outdoor. A longer cable and tough job for the installers to climb the roof as to where it can pick up a good direction can be sensed.
  3. Aerial Installation & Repair in Kent will give you peace of mind and security because of the professionally well-trained
  4. You can always depend on the proper installation and maintenance of the service.
  5. Hiring the best installers and companies will allow you to save the money because you can trust with their professionalism. You no longer purchase the unnecessary.
  6. You get the best professional help you need instead of you installing without proper training. These professionals are well trained, and no questions asked. Simple and easy as should be.
  7. There are also chances of getting new additional and clearer view and sound. Unlike the indoor ones by which channels are limited, and clarity of sound and picture may not be present.
  8. There is a strong reception, and good quality is provided for you as such there are non-interferences that can probably occur. There will be a strong signal.
  9. Lastly there if there are maintenance checkup or repairs, then it is already very easy to see and set up new installations.

If you still want to experience how great it is to have the aerial installation,then you can always do so. As there may be a lot of changes and challenges to which aerial installation and repair may have you can always do some canvassing first and see to it that there are proper service, price and good customer service available. Seek for proper referral and advice through online and your neighbors perhaps.

Ways to Show your Pet that You Love them

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We are now at a time where pets are no longer referred to as domestic animals. They have now evolved from being a household companion to becoming a member of the family. More and more laws are being passed with each passing year to protect the rights of animals living in the midst of humans. Cats and dogs are among the most common pets that people have in their homes. Among the rare ones are pigs, reptiles and some go for the exotic kind to include iguanas and tarantulas. Pets have become an inseparable part of the modern society’s culture, and therefore, expressing the owners love to them has become a must. Here are some of the ways on how you can express your love for your pet.

Get them an annual Check up

Like humans, animals also need their regular visits to their doctors. To protect them from illness and to keep them happy and active at all times you need to have them vaccinated and ensure that they get their daily dose of vitamins. Pet sitting service Hertfordshiretrains their crew about the importance of pet wellness. Pet owners can hire their services to get their pets to the veterinarian if the owner is too busy to do it himself.


Spend time with them Outdoor

Your pet may be excited the moment you get home from work as if they are happy to spend all the time with you inside your house. This could be true up to a certain degree, but you must know as well that pets need the physical exercise to keep their muscles toned. To keep them active you need to allow them to be active by taking them out for a walk at least twice or thrice in a week. Aside from letting them socialize with other dogs, the physical exercise has a positive impact on your pet’s well-being as well.

Never Leave them Alone

In contrast to what most people think that pets can be left home as long as they have food, pets are social beings. Given that they have been given a chance to interact with humans for a significant length of time it is only normal for them to be longing to have the same interaction most of the time. Rules on taking pets on public transport, especially on planes can be stringent, so sometimes you need to leave them at home. This is where the pet sitting service Broxbourne comes in handy. You can now go on your scheduled trip without compromising your pet’s need for social interaction.

If you love your pet and are eager to show your love to them, you need to start by spending more time playing with your pets and doing more activities together. Similar to how you express your loves to humans, time is often the single most valuable gift you could ever give and provide for your pet.

The Pros & Cons of Golf Format

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Many people love a good game of golf but not many are aware of the many different formats and ways you can play the game. There are some common formats like single and double formats and some players out there believe that too many single format games are played and not enough doubles. In this article we are exploring the different types of golf game format out there and hopefully this can help you to decide how you tee off.

The first format we will explore is the Stableford, which involved scoring points based on the number of shots taken on each hole. The advantages to Stableford are that even if you have one or two poor holes, you can still be on for a good score overall if the other holes have been negotiated well. You are the main factor between shooting a good score or not. Load up that golf cart and head on down the green with confidence even after a bad putt. The disadvantages to this format is that you can put a lot of unnecessary pressure on yourself if you are in for a good score or have not picked up any points for a while and that can damage your whole round. Remaining focused on each shot at a time is so important!

The next format to explore is Match Play, which is where the player with the lowest net score on a hole wins the hole. The advantages to Match Play is that you don’t necessarily have to outplay your opponent, just outscore them. It’s easy to put pressure on your opposing player, especially by hitting first and it can be morale-boosting if you beat a strong competitor. The disadvantages are that you can also be playing good golf but not winning the holes and it can become easily frustrating. If you are not mentally in the game then the match could be out of reach for you very quickly. It’s also very serious at times and there can be awkward silences present between you and your opponent.

Stroke Play is another golf game format and this involves counting the number of strokes taken on each hole and at the end of the round. Again, the advantages here are that you can still be in a good position to record a strong final score even if some shots go a little wayward, but not too many. It can also be great for self-confidence if you play a good and consistent round. The disadvantages to Stroke Play are that remaining focused is a must otherwise you can allow a good score to desert you. Just like with Stableford format, taking each shot as it comes is very important. Too many golfers think ahead to the next hole before they have finished the hole they are on. One seriously bad hole can damage seventeen good holes in golf.

Finally, we have the format called Foursomes. You see foursomes and fourballs on the opening two days of the Ryder Cup. In foursomes, each player in their pair hits every other shot. Therefore, if one player hits off the tee, the other hits the second shot and so forth. One player hits every tee shot on the odd holes while the other hits all the tee shots on the evens. The advantages are the fact it’s a slightly more relaxed way to play the game, especially if you are partnered with a friend or someone you feel comfortable playing with. The disadvantages are that you could again put yourself under pressure if you feel you are letting your partner down. Therefore consistency is key otherwise you could be in trouble by your partner when the round has finished.

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