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Ensuring Quality Woodwork and Furniture

Ensuring Quality Woodwork and Furniture

By on Jun 28, 2017 in Home Improvement |

Home projects are indeed inspiring when it comes to searching for the right materials. Of course, there are many considerations as you look for quality materials for constructing your home. It needs a right eye so that your home will be built with a sound investment and not a waste of money. Connect with people that are experts in wood, furniture and flooring work. In the construction of a home, it is ideal that you can determine everything first and that is through buying a moisture meter.

What is a moisture meter?

A moisture meter is an essential tool used in any construction whether home or business office. Its purpose is to determine the moisture content of every material for construction. You will see that your hired contractors are relying on with a moisture meter to identify any potential issues that can cause damage to the structures of the materials. Most of the furniture makers are using this tool because wood is a primary material and to ensure that its moisture content is a balance, the use of moisture meter is handy.

How to verify moisture content?

So, in every moisture meter gadget that you are using, there is a scale indication, and this varies with the appearance of the material for determination. Keep in mind that its reading is in percentage. However, other moisture meter tools read results in digital version or analog scale. The accuracy of a moisture meter reading varies on brand, type and as to how it is scaled per meter. The use of a color indicator is also helpful in determining moisture such as green indicates as dry, yellow as moderate and red as high

Aside from furniture making, there as well other sources of material for construction that needs the determination of moisture meter. Here are the following.

  1. Flooring- before installing any floor work, identifying the moisture of a subfloor or a slab concrete is a must. This is to ensure that moisture content is calculated by adding the original floor for home construction.
  2. Wood- most of the moisture meter gadgets are measured to wood because it is more accurate regarding reading the moisture content. It’s scale ranges from 5 to 40%. So if this is tested to a non-wood material, this will scale for about 0 to 100%.
  3. Non- wood materials- as mentioned, this is another type of equipment hat a wood moisture can be of great use such as concrete. Its result varies as to well to its saturation wherein it ranges from 0 to 100% wherein 0% as very dry and 100% is very saturated.

The use of a gypsum.

This is a type of a third scale reading for wood moisture meter, and this has a range scale of moisture meter from about  0.2% to 50%. That is why if you want to purchase, make sure that the reading of a wood moisture meter scale is made of a gypsum. In comparison to LED base indicators in which its reading is related to hard, moderate and wet levels.

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