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Relocating a business can be a huge investment, both financially and practically. Don’t ever underestimate the time and resources your office move can demand. It’s important to contemplate the implications of the move with regards to the costs involved, the extent of its impact on the day to day running of the business and how employees will be affected. If this stage is completed thoroughly you can then identify any potential cost savings and ensure your move is efficient as it can be. All moves will cause a level of disruption to a company but if you plan it correctly and at the right time of year for your business, you will be able to have minimal interruption to not only your business practice but your staff.

USED (5)When you move to a new office location, you have to consider the location of your staff versus their travel time into the company and by planning your move with them you can avoid awkward conversations. Ensuring your relocation goes smoothly is the first priority and there is a certain checklist to follow when relocating. Companies such as can assist with a start to finish move and once you have decided to relocate, it is crucial to start planning as soon as you can. Charting the quiet time of your business activity will make sure your move doesn’t conflict with promises you’ve made to your customers as this could jeopardise your relationship with your clients. Moving companies can help you plan this. In your plans you can include time taken to fit out the new office and install any furniture.

You can get in the IT and telecoms teams to set everything up as well as efficiently as possible while you change over the important documentation for your company. Don’t forget to speak to your clients and talk through with them any business interruption and impact that may happen during your move. You want to interrupt things as little as possible. If you can, appoint a project co-ordinator and this can be an existing employee or an outside company and whoever you decide to appoint to the role will have to take on the responsibility to ensure that the project runs on time.

Employees will ultimately be the end users of the new premises and ensuring they have working key fobs or entrance cards ready for the first day in the new office is crucial. Keeping your staff updated through every step of the process will mean the difference between them being happy to start at the new office or them needing to find a new job. Allow time to pack and clean and don’t waste any time doing so. It’s important you have time to pack around your business commitments and the actual move needs to move smoothly. If necessary, request an early delivery of some of the boxes in the office in order for people who will be on leave to pack up their items later on.

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