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England has its charms and just over from Kent, also known as the Garden of England, is Sussex. There are tons of things to do across Kent and Sussex for all the family especially during the school holidays. Finding relaxing places to visit with the kids is no easy feat but injecting a little adventure into their and your lives could be fun! In this guide we’ve decided to focus on the Sussex and write a bit about some of the best places to visit in that area.

  • Brighton Pier. Just off the famed Kings Road, Brighton pier stretches right out to sea and is packed with arcades and fun fair rides. For some just simply strolling down the pier and having chips overlooking the ocean is enough even with beefed up seagulls doing all they can to thieve from the paper bags. Weddings can be held on the pier and there is a huge dome packed with activities for all the family. Just off the pier are the cobbled and winding lanes of Brighton with its eclectic markets and small boutique shops. Have a look down the lanes for the pick and mix shop: wall to wall sweets and not expensive at all!5
  • Camber Sands & Hastings. You could be hiring a caravan through Haven or just down for the day, but the endless stretch of sand at Camber can be a very inexpensive day out. There’s no shale on the beach so soft sand and towering dunes. If you’re lucky enough to experience the mist rolling in, your little ones will appreciate how they can pretend to be pirates like Captain Jack Sparrow! Down the road is the little seaside town of Hastings where you can go and see the fishing boats and enjoy a stroll up the promenade. Bring down the buckets and spades and build castles to rival those fought for in 1066. If you’re looking to stay the night head over to for a gorgeously intimate venue for you and the family.
  • Drusilla’s Park. If you’re looking for a fun and educational day out for little (and big!) ones, Drusilla’s is an excellent find. While it doesn’t have any large mammals like other zoos do, it is both family and child friendly. Their sole goal is child involvement so they have made the zoo itself very interactive with activities all the way round for kids. They can collect stamps of all the animals they’ve seen and get involved with pulleys and buttons throughout the park and see the penguins being fed at certain times of the day. You can see the meerkats and crawl through the tunnels leading to their home. Pop up in the dome and look around at their level! Feed the lorikeets with honey and see your children’s faces light up as they walk around and the lemurs run around them. There’s soft play right in the centre and an outdoor play park as well as Hello Kitty world where they can enjoy rides and meet Hello Kitty! A brilliant find nestled in between Eastbourne and Polegate.


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