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Having your home cleaned professionally on a regular basis is a given for most people. Unfortunately, while everyone worries about the floors and walls most don’t think about the furniture and having the furniture washed. Caring for upholstered furniture will keep it looking fresh and new and it will help it last longer. You must also make sure your carpets are professionally cleaned and cared for as well as upholstery; the number of allergens that live in the carpet and fabrics can be a very high amount especially depending where you live. If you’re in the countryside you’re far more likely to have certain pollens that stick to fabric and these allergens can affect your family’s health.

If something is spilled on your furniture tackle it quickly. The longer it’s left, the worse it will be as the stain will sink right in and be harder to remove. USEDBlotting a stain rather than rubbing or scrubbing at it will mean that the stain can be lifted from the fabric. Turn any cushions regularly so that they can air out and minimise the wear and tear of one side. When you’re looking for carpet cleaners in Torquay be aware of choosing something for your upholstery as well and there are companies out there that can provide double services.

Some fabrics can actually be damaged by too much direct sunlight so placing any largely upholstered pieces of furniture in sun spots can actually create long term damage. Newly printed newspapers can leave ink stained onto fabric so make good use of the coffee table or side table; don’t ruin a piece of furniture with a newspaper. You can vacuum furniture with a soft bristled brush to keep it dust free and clean. Upholstery cleaning doesn’t have to take a long time or be tedious but small efforts to clean it can make all the difference. When you decide to have carpet and upholstery cleaned take your time and ring around a few companies. You want a great deal of course and do something cost effective but you want to be able to know your company that you’ve spent money on will do a great job on your carpets and upholstery.

It’s always recommended to have upholstery cleaned once a year at the very least. Rather the money on Torquay carpet cleaning  and upholstery cleaning through the year than pay for replacement furniture or carpets. You can actually also add stain protector treatment across all your furniture because then any spills or stains you do accidentally have won’t soak into the fabrics. Stain protection does wear off between cleans so be very aware of that but having that reapplied more frequently is the best thing to do. The old maxim ‘you get what you pay for’ certainly applies when it comes to cleaning jobs and you definitely want to invest so that you can truly get what you’ve paid for.

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