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Owning an air conditioning unit in the home or at work can be a luxury that many cannot afford. Like anything, air conditioning requires upkeep and maintenance and this can be quite expensive when you have to call in a professional. A lot of the time the issue is something you can easily fix without having to splash the cash trying to have someone else do it for you. Often, the unit isn’t working for the simplest of reasons but as many people believe all repairs are tricky, they won’t even look at the issue. Of course there are times when a repair that is costly is unavoidable but you can actually diagnose the problem first before calling in the professionals like

AC Unit RepairIt can be frustrating to have to pay out to have a technician come out just to flip a breaker back on all because you didn’t know what to look for so we’ve listed some quick checks you can perform yourself before calling for help.

  • Check your breaker. As with any tripped electrics, checking the fuse box for a tripped switch should be your first port of call. If you have several appliances, entertainment boxes and lights on all at once, the breaker can often overload, trip and the air conditioning unit will cease to operate. This is very quick check you can do yourself you just have to know where the fuse box is to do so. Imagine the embarrassment calling someone else to flip a switch!
  • Examine the thermostat. This is another part of the system that can cost money to repair. If the unit is battery operated it may just need new batteries. Imagine paying a call out fee for a repairs company for a set of batteries?! Make sure you have the thermostat set for the correct temperature and ensure the unit isn’t turned off or set just to blow. Settings can get changed so check them often.
  • Change the filter. If you regularly change the filter in your air conditioning unit you can avoid a lot of call outs. If your filter is dirty or clogged up it can cause many issues like lack of air flow and lack of cooling efficiency with the system. If these are changed there is less chance of needing a company to come and look at it.
  • Melt any ice. Your air conditioning unit can ice over if it is not working properly. If it’s iced over, it will not cool properly. Melt any ice which is a very simple procedure all you have to do is turn the system to off and run just the fan to help it melt fast.
  • Clean it! If you have neglected to give it a good scrub, shimmy on up the ladder and give it a proper clean. On the outside unit you can carefully clean fan blades and remove any debris. Be careful when cleaning blades and fins as they are easy to bend and break. Obviously, switch it off before you clean it!
  • Examine the ducts. If you can, climb up to the attic and check the air ducts to make sure there are no blockages. Ignore the spiders that may be up there, the ducts should be cleaned and this is important.

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